Karlsruhe sights & destinations

Our tips for you

Welcome to Karlsruhe! Let yourself be inspired by our tips and suggestions. Typical for our city are the fan-shaped streets, the many hours of sunshine, the pyramid on the market square, the ZKM, the shopping mall Ettlinger Tor, the Wildpark Stadium, the Technology Park, the KIT,... As you can see, we could continue the list endlessly. This is where the Federal Constitutional Court and the Federal Supreme Court are located, where the KSC and the Europabad are at home - and here you will certainly find exactly what you are looking for. For shopping fans, connoisseurs, culture lovers, architecture fans, sportsmen and everyone else we have put together some tips.

The closer and wider surroundings are also worth a visit.

For shopping friends.

Just a few metres from our front door, the pedestrian precinct with its numerous shops begins; the popular Ettlinger Tor with its glass-roofed galleries and 130 shops on 37,000 sqm of retail space is also within walking distance. On Europaplatz, the Postgalerie is an inviting place for indoor shopping. The tram takes you comfortably to other destinations.

For connoisseurs.

Countless cafés, restaurants, bistros and pubs around the neighbouring Europaplatz, Ludwigsplatz and of course all over Karlsruhe open their doors to you. Badisch, Italian, Greek, African? Whatever you're hungry for, Karlsruhe will be happy to serve you.

For culture lovers.

The visit to the renowned Centre for Art and Media Technology with the world's first interactive museum, called "ZKM" in Karlsruhe, is worthwhile at least as much as in the neighbouring "Filmpalast am ZKM", the city's largest cinema. We also recommend a trip to the Natural History Museum, the Badisches Landesmuseum, the Staatliche Kunsthalle or the city museum in the Prinz-Max-Palais. The Badisches Staatstheater, which has an excellent reputation and shows operas, ballet, drama and concerts, is also interesting and versatile. The private Sandkorntheater and the Volkstheater d' Badisch Bühn present nice and unusual  attractions on a smaller scale, but equally varied.

For architecture fans.

The pyramid on the market square is the city's landmark. It was built over the tomb of the city's founder, Margrave Karl Wilhelm. The Karlsruhe Castle invites you to explore history. Afterwards you can relax in the palace garden, which was laid out between 1767 and 1773 and was opened in 1967 as part of the Federal Garden Show. Tip: A ride on the "Schlossgartenbähnle". Whoever discovers a blue beam: consequences! It leads with 1645 blue plates to the famous Majolika Manufaktur Karlsruhe. And yet another castle attracts visitors in summer with its open-air cinema and all musicians with the seat of the Hochschule für Musik: Gottesaue Palace, repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt Renaissance palace in the east city.

For athletes.

Swimmers and splashers will feel comfortable in the Europabad with its tire slide, white-water canal and sauna. Jogging and walking is a pleasure on the many green areas, inline skaters are looking forward to the popular Skatenight every summer, which runs on different routes through the middle of the city, which is closed for this purpose. Climbers are in good hands in the climbing hall. Passive sportsmen and sportswomen will also get their money's worth: for example, when visiting the Karlsruher Sport-Club in the Wildpark stadion. A trip on the Rhine with the passenger ship MS Karlsruhe is also great - maybe you see canoeists of the Rheinbrüder Karlsruhe?

Places to visit in the region